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Have a good resume, but getting nowhere?

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) can disqualify you at the starting gate.

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Even well-prepared resumes can score a low ATS match rate.

This is because recruiters use specific keywords and key phrases to identify the closest matches for consideration.

Most job seekers do not include these key details in their resume.

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How to Handle Applicant Tracking Systems

Professional Resume Service

Seriously, if you want to be selected for an interview, you must use applicant tracking systems to your advantage.

Step 1: Find a current job vacancy for which you are close match. Copy the link of the job listing.

Step 2: Click on the Resume Review button above. 

Step 3: Paste the link you have copied into the email message box, attach your current resume and click the Send button to access our FREE resume review service.

We will then run an ATS analysis program that will compare your resume against the job description and within two business days we will send you the results at no obligation or cost. The results will include the match rate and will give you an idea of what needs to be done to your resume to score a match rate worthy of an interview (at least 80%.) 

If it’s too much work 

Purchase one of our services and we’ll do the complete ATS optimization and provide you with a resume or CV that will significantly improve your professional image and lead to more job interviews. We can also prepare a very effective cover letter that will make you really stand out from the competition.

Analyse your resume with our FREE ATS Ranking Review:

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Limited Time Offer: $129 Complete Resume Makeover

Your resume makeover includes:

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Optimization

Your Resume must achieve high ranking in recruitment search engines. The Resume Makeover achieves this by including ATS search and format optimization.

Successful resumeContent and Motivators

Once selected by an applicant tracking system, your resume is subjected to human review. So it must say what recruiters and employers want to hear. Your Best Resumes’  makeover uses the professional language required by employers for the position type.

This is a winning combination that will get employers/recruiters calling you for an interview.

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job interviewWill your resume or CV lead to a job offer?

All Best Resumes include applicant tracking system (ATS) optimization and position targeting resulting in highly effective job applications.

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Premium Professional Resume Service includes:

Unlimited Edits

How can we afford unlimited edits? Usually our clients are thrilled with the first draft and it is not uncommon to finalize on the first or second draft. Rarely are more edits required, but if so, it’s on us.

Keyword Optimization

Your resume is keyword and key phrase optimized for your selected position type, so you achieve higher ranking in Applicant Tracking System (recruiter search engine) scans.

Position Targeting

This takes your keyword optimization to a higher level – matching keywords for the actual position. This puts you in a much stronger position for interview selection.

Job-Winning Interview Skills

All Best Resume Premium products are supported with follow-through guidance on how to best approach your job applications and interviews. Best Resumes’ professional resume service provides the support and direction to get you across the line.

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Local and International Job Markets

Best Resumes’ resumes and CVs are individually tailored for all job markets across the globe – from entry level to C level, for graduate, trade or professional positions.

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All Industries Coverage

Free Resume ReviewBest Resumes’ resumes and CVs cover all industries including: Aerospace and Defense, Advertising, the Arts, Automotive, Construction, Education, Engineering, Finance and Banking, Food and Beverage, Health Care, Hospitality, IT, Human Resources, Industrial Goods and Services, Marketing, Media, Mining, Oil and Gas, Resources, Retail, Technology, Telecommunications, Transportation, Travel, Utilities and more.

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professional resume writersMarket Assessment

Getting your market right is crucial to your job seeking success. We provide free guidance in assisting you to make the best choices when faced with decisions concerning your career path.

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Competitive Pricing and Money Back Guarantee

While we don’t compromise on quality, we also don’t leave you hanging with products that don’t get results. We provide ongoing support at no added cost. For the comprehensive services we provide, our prices are highly competitive.
We stand by our unconditional money back guarantee if we do not deliver what we have promised through PayPal Buyer Protection.

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Competing against equally or better qualified candidates – Best Resumes focuses on one objective – helping you stand out, get the interview, and win the job!

Best Resumes and Cover Letters has a large base of very satisfied customers (see our Testimonials.) We know what it takes to win the job!

It’s all about winning the job – nothing else counts!

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