Developing the best resume cover letter

Looking for a job winning resumeWill your resume or CV lead to a job offer?

All Best Resumes include applicant tracking system (ATS) optimization and other advanced features resulting in highly effective job applications.

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Best resume cover letter


Before developing your best resume cover letter, take a step back and think about your strategy.


If you want an interview, your application must include the right content aligned to an appropriate position specific strategy.

With the job market becoming increasingly competitive, recruiters and employers are usually swamped by more than enough applications, so they’re only too happy to cull weak and unimpressive resumes.

Although you may think you have developed the best resume and best resume cover letter that you can, without an overarching position specific strategy to drive your content, your chances of success are low to medium at best.

The easiest way to get out in front of the pack is to enlist professional help. Would you go to court without a lawyer? Winning the right job can be equally decisive; it can be a life changer, so it makes good sense to invest in professional resume services.

More than the best resume and cover letter

While competition in the job market continues to increase, more job seekers are looking for a way to get an edge over their competitors.

If you want to stand out and be recognized as the most appropriate candidate, your application must incorporate a position specific strategy with appropriate content that will hold recruiter attention and effectively provide all the information they would expect from a leading candidate. Your resume will tick all the boxes from top to bottom, automatically earning its place in the interview pile.

best resume cover letter

Best Resumes and Cover Letters has developed a broad range of strategies that are specifically tailored for each industry and job market. These are interwoven into every job application (resumes, CVs, LinkedIn profiles and cover letters.) The outcome for the client is a job application that is highly effective in achieving stronger recruiter attention which means increased chances of an interview and appointment to the position.