Good resume or bad resume?

Whether you’ve used a professional resume service or developed your own resume, both strategies can result in a good resume or bad resume. Either way you must verify that your resume will hit the target.

If you’re working with a self-developed resume, you run the risk of understating your abilities. If you use a professional resume service which lacks the required expertise, your abilities could be understated or maybe even overstated through the use of over-the-top business speak that signals development by a third party. Neither outcome will help your case.

good resume

Creating a good resume

There needs to be a balance. Here are some points to consider:

1 Your resume needs to look real. If you’re not a graphic designer, then it doesn’t need fancy graphics, logos, pictures and color schemes. Your documentation skills demonstrated by your resume should match the expectations of the position. In other words, less would be expected of a trades person than a report writer. So your resume should showcase your documentation skills and match the position for which you are applying.

2 Language: Your resume should feature the kind of language used in the targeted position. This means all statements should be written in a style of language that would be spoken by someone successful in the position – nothing more, nothing less.

3 Content: Include only material that adds value to your current career path and the targeted position, and strip out anything that does not add value or is irrelevant.

4 Arrangement of the facts: You must demonstrate qualities such as logic, order and attention to detail, so the resume should be arranged in a neat and orderly fashion so that the reader can quickly access the required information – with no repetition, spelling, grammar or typographical errors.

5 Honesty, integrity and reliability: These are three extremely important qualities for any potential employee. Your resume needs to reflect the truth about yourself. Statements should stick to the facts and be verifiable if challenged.

The above requirements plus many others are appropriately addressed by Best Resumes when developing new resumes and cover letters.

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