I have a great resume but I’m still not getting interviews

Do you really have a great resume?

Do you really have a great resume?


Why you need more than a ‘great resume’

It’s a common problem for job seekers – after having worked so hard on their resume, only to find they are being passed over in the interview selection phase or at the interview.

So much attention is focused on listing skills, achievements and job history that many job seekers miss the most important aspect of a successful resume and job seeking strategy.

A great resume can get recruiter attention, but what happens when you’re up against other applicants who’ve also presented great resumes outlining impressive careers? That’s when other strategies are needed.

Your job application is basically a business proposal. You need to approach it from a marketing perspective. What do good marketers do to win business? Do they rely on only one communication medium? No, they use an array of media to sell their product.

You are a product that has to be marketed. If you want to get the job, you need a targeted multi-pronged attack. And this does not include resume distribution services, which in most cases are a waste of good money.

Best Resumes specializes in more than just writing resumes and cover letters. We help our clients win jobs. When our clients employ our services they get results.

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