A great resume without stretching the truth

great resumeWhat does it take to create a great resume? By carefully analyzing your existing resume, there’s a good chance you’ll find a lot more you can say that will add value to your resume and enhance its appeal – without changing the facts.

Most people contending for the same job will have similar experience, skills and qualifications and will present resumes that are fairly generic.

However, the applicants that get selected for the interview will offer something more; points that will make them stand out from the rest.

Creating your own great resume

Do your research, look at other job descriptions for ideas. There are many soft and technical skills that you no doubt have but have overlooked. Also what can you bring from a business point of view?

The applicant that gets the job offer will be the one that really drives these points home through their interview and all other contact with the employer, leaving the biggest impression.

The key to a job winning resume is to do more than what everyone else is doing. Take a good hard look at your resume. Try to view it from the employer’s perspective. Immediately, you should see that more can be said about things that would interest the employer, and perhaps less should be said about things that are of no interest.

Where to start

Read every statement and think carefully about what you are saying. Does it add value or not? Emphasize the points relevant to the employer. Focus on details that would be valuable to the employer’s business. This will enhance your value and set you apart from the rest.

This is just one approach to developing a really great resume. A professional resume service such as Best Resumes employs this approach plus many others to create resumes that stand out from the rest.

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