Get Your Resume Working Again

resume workingIs your resume or CV working as well as it used to? If not, it’s likely that advancing recruitment technology has pushed it to the bottom of the pile.

Unless your resume/CV is applicant tracking system (ATS) optimized, your chances of getting an interview are less than they were a few years ago. These days most employers and recruiters are using applicant tracking systems to store and and fetch the details of potential candidates.

If you want the interview, you must prepare your resume or CV for ATS scanning.

Preparing for ATS scanning

This is no easy task. Preparing a document that achieves high ATS ranking can be a matter of trial and error. As with Google rankings, CVs and resumes need to match a bunch of keywords selected by the employer. These also must be optimized so they can be found and successfully ranked in recruitment databases. Furthermore, ATS algorithms continue to evolve and tactics such as keyword stuffing are now being rejected by more advanced systems. Many popular formats cannot be read, some are misread and critical information can be ignored.

The best way to ensure that your document is going to surface in the recruiter/employer’s ATS is to enlist the help of a professional resume/CV service that has expertise in this area – such as Best Resumes.

resume workingStudies prove that job applicants who submit professionally written resumes and CVs that are ATS compliant get more interviews than those who write their own. Additionally a well-written CV or resume will highlight exactly what the employer is looking for in a candidate.

Get your resume working again

A professional resume service will get your resume working again. They will ensure your ATS strategy meets current standards. They will not use standardized templates. There are many CV and resume templates readily available, but if you want your documentation to grab employer/recruiter attention, would you use a template that looks like everyone else’s?

At Best Resumes we work with our clients to develop individualized documentation that helps them stand out from the crowd and achieve their goals.

These days one in three resumes/CVs is professionally written. If yours is not, then the chances are you’ll be competing against others who will have a clear advantage.

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