A Successful Resume: One-size-fits-all doesn’t work

Disappointed-manWhat does it take to have a successful resume? After a long time job searching, many job seekers lament: “I don’t understand it; I have a great resume – I sent it to so many employers last month and haven’t received one response!”

If this has been your experience, there can only be two reasons for the disappointing results: your resume may not be as good as you think it is, or you’re not targeting your market properly. But assuming that your resume is up to par – it states your abilities, qualifications and experience in an honest and effective manner then it can only be your approach to the market.

A Successful Resume and Job Search

The fact is, if your resume is faultless, and you have approached the market correctly, you would have at least several interviews by now.

Many people try to take the easy route to job hunting by sending the same resume to many job vacancies for which they only have an outside chance, hoping that the employer or recruiter will somehow work out that their story is relevant to the position or organization. A perfect example of this is the large number of resume distribution services. Yet the response rate from these is usually so low that in most cases they could be seen as a waste of money.

As the job market continues to tighten, recruiters and employers are being swamped by more than enough applications. These days they’re looking for good reasons why they shouldn’t bin your resume. Unless you offer a bunch of hot points that really help you to stand out, you won’t get shortlisted and you won’t get called for an interview.

Astute recruiters read between the lines. They’re highly experienced at quickly scanning a resume and will cull an ordinary run-of-the-mill job application within a few seconds. Most job applicants fall into this category regardless of their qualifications, experience or seniority.

If you want a successful resume and be recognized as the most appropriate candidate, your application must incorporate a position specific strategy with appropriate content that will hold recruiter attention and effectively provide all the information they would expect from a leading candidate. Your resume will tick all the boxes from top to bottom, automatically earning its place in the interview pile.

Successful resumeBest Resumes and Cover Letters has developed a broad range of strategies that are specifically tailored for each industry and job market. These are interwoven into every job application (resumes, CVs, LinkedIn profiles and cover letters.) The outcome for the client is a job application that is highly effective in achieving stronger recruiter attention. This means increased chances of an interview and appointment to the position. If you’re looking for a resume or CV that checks all the boxes, and you would like more information click here or send an email to admin@best-resume-cover-letter.com