Submit the best resume cover letter

Want more job interviews?

This sure-fire three step process which includes submitting nothing less than the best resume cover letter that you can, will greatly increase your chances of getting a job interview:

  1. You must apply for a job for which you are well suited.
  2. Your resume must reflect the skills, experience and qualifications that are required for the position, and…
  3. You must include a cover letter that PROVES you are the BEST CHOICE

best resume cover letterCreating your best resume cover letter

Most of your competitors will submit fairly standardized letters of introduction that express “interest’ in the job, but their letters will do nothing to help them stand out from the rest.

Employers/recruiters want to be “wowed”. It’s just a matter of working out what you can do that is going to get potential recruiters and employers excited.

Do you have business experience that can enhance your position? Can you bring clients with you? Do you have a business idea or enterprise that you could share with the employer for your mutual benefit? Do you have connections that could result in more business? Do you have knowledge of cutting edge developments or market segments and opportunities that could be explored? The list goes on… Once you start thinking about what extra value you can bring to the position, you will find many reasons why you will be the better choice. When you include these details, you are on your way to submitting your best resume cover letter.

A resume or CV is a statement of facts that you can’t change. But a cover letter has great flexibility. It is in this document that you can be really creative, expressing and proving you are the best fit for the position.

Our professional resume writers are highly skilled and experienced at helping job seekers at all levels to create and submit their best resume cover letter.